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Fresh Products

Highly customised workmanship on a large selection of cuts issued from hind quarters and half-carcasses of Italian and European provenance.
Each cut is tailor-made according to the customer's demands and specifications, with special focus on the domestic and international charcuterie and pork meat processing industries' requirements.

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products for industries,
products for catering,
by-products for industries,
by-products for export.

Cured Products

Specilised in dry cured hams for over 50 years, our range includes prestigious DPO Parma Ham and San Daniele Ham and traditional products such as gran speck and culatta.
thanks to our curing, deboning, slicing and packaging plants strategically placed in the DPO areas we handle the full process in first person.

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with bone,
deboned whole hams or portioned,
blocks for slicing,
presliced for HoReCa and retail channels.